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    Special deal at laminate flooring: 12 mm with AC4 . the color is Rio with 0.47” x 7.68” x 47.83”.

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Special price WPC floors

2019-3-29 – 2019-4-5

WPC flooring. Size 1535x180x6.5mm+1.5mm Pad. 100% waterproof.  

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2019-3-25 – 2019-4-6

New spc floors with oak pattern have 0.5mm wear layer, 1219.2mm X 183mm X 5.0mm. The advantages of SPC floors are easy to click system to install, labor costs saving, super stability and eco-friendly. There are many features, including Waterproof, Wear Resistant, Anti-slip, Moisture-Proof, Rot Proof, Fireproof, Soundproof and Anti-Static.  

Discounted Brazilian Cherry laminate

2019-3-22 – 2019-3-31

Classic color laminate flooring with 12.3mm thickness and AC3 level is Brazilian Cherry, which looks like matte solid cherry wood, and it can make your room noble and elegant. Brazilian make you and your family feel like in the Royal Palace of England.  

Discount Laminate Floors

2019-3-20 – 2019-3-31

Laminate flooring - is the perfect solution for a busy household and can be used in any room of the home including the basement. Laminate flooring takes technology to new levels by duplicating the beauty and warmth of natural wood while providing an inexpensive durable alternative to hardwood flooring. Available in many textures and colors, in plank or tile form, laminate can offer beautiful options for decorating your home. Uwood Flooring offers a variety of laminate products at our showroom and offers 5% off for all Laminate flooring.(Except for specials)

Real Wood touching SPC floors


1. Extreme good dimensional stability rate 0.05% guarantee 25 meters or longer continuing installation. (80 degrees oven for 6 hours)
2. No CPE or any plasticizer used
3. No formaldehyde and ammonia, No curling under higher temperature. 
4. Its Peel strength higher than 100N/5cm above (2 times stronger than EN norms 55N/5cm)

Uwood Floors LLC

Posted on 2019-3-15

New product line announcement. It is water resistent laminate floors and raw materials from Malaysia. Very realistic wood look

Uwood Floors LLC

Posted on 2019-3-13

New house under construction with WPC floors. WPC vinyl flooring, which stands for wood plastic composite, is an engineered, luxury vinyl plank flooring option that has been newly introduced into the market. The main difference with this flooring is the technologically advanced construction.

Uwood Floors LLC

Posted on 2019-3-11

Big brother welcome to Uwood Floors

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